5/2016: The Panel

On February 20th, I attended a bridal panel discussion hosted by the Northern Colorado Wedding & Event Professionals at The Agave Room in Fort Collins. Four recently married couples answered questions from a roomful of local wedding professionals regarding their decisions about their who they hired, why they hired them, and if they had to do it all over again……what would they do differently. It was an insightful evening of information.

View More: http://kjandrob.pass.us/nocowep-bridal-panel







Here are my Top 10 Takeaways (in no particular order):

  1. At least half of all wedding planning research is done online. Social media plays a key role, but few couples initially find their professionals via social. Most are found from word-of-mouth, venue referral lists, or online review sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot.
  2. Online reviews are huge.  Most couples are very aware of Wedding Wire and The Knot and realize these review site are legit, and the reviews can not be altered by the vendor.
  3. The top 3 things couples would have spent less on if they had to do it over again are: Food…Dress…Flowers.
  4. Other things that they would have done differently included: Having more time with guests (longer reception / rehearsal dinner / cocktail hour)…Having a weather backup plan for the outdoor ceremony….Spending more time writing their individual vows for the ceremony…and the ever-popular “Should have hired a professional DJ”.
  5. Most couples were limited by their parent’s allocated budget which seemed to be split evenly among brides and grooms parents.
  6. The top 4 reasons for hiring a particular wedding professional was: Price / Value…Reputation…Familiarization with the venue….First impressions when meeting them.
  7. Almost all couples liked the idea of all inclusive package pricing vs. an ‘Ala Carte’ style pricing structure, mainly due to a concern for hidden charges and extras.
  8. Recent photo trends that couples like: ‘The First Look’ and the photojournalistic / candid style wedding photography.  Photo booths are also still hot.
  9. Their wedding budgets ranged from $10,000 to $30,000 and guest lists ranged from 130 to 190.
  10. Speaking of budgets, their top 4 budget items included: Photography…Food / Bar…Venue…Entertainment (DJ/MC, Photo Booth)

View More: http://kjandrob.pass.us/nocowep-bridal-panel

4/2016: MBLV & CSES

20160320_172915Last month I attended two great conferences during the same week in Las Vegas.  The first was the Catersource / Event Solutions (CSES) conference, a wedding professionals conference that “catered” (no pun intended) to catering and wedding service professionals.  This show was attended by thousands from around the world, and was the first time I attended.  You certainly didn’t have to be a caterer to get benefit from the show as there were lots of learning opportunities for anyone in the event production field. The second was the annual Mobile Beat Las Vegas (MBLV) DJ conference at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino.  This was my 20th consecutive year attending this conference…yes I’ve managed to attend ever one they’ve put on since 1997.  I’ve watch this show grow from its humble beginnings in a small, cramped hotel lobby to a massive contingent of DJs from across the nation and as far away as Australia. It was great catching up with my DJ friends from across the nation, checking out the latest gear, and learning the latest tips from the experts. Here’s more:

One of the attractions of the Mobile Beat conference are the evening festivities. This year, they brought in Redfoo from LMFAO to "Party Rock" the crowd.

One of the attractions of the Mobile Beat conference are the evening festivities. This year, they brought in Redfoo from LMFAO to “Party Rock” the crowd.

The banner was up to greet the multitudes on opening day at the annual Catersource Event Solutions conference at the Mirage.

The banner was up to greet the multitudes on opening day at the annual Catersource Event Solutions conference at the Mirage.

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of "Celebrate Life", written by my friend, New Jersey-based DJ Entertainer and DJ Of The Year winner, Marcello Pedalino. His book describes "how to live it up, discover fulfillment, and experience the joy you deserve. Look for it in bookstores soon.

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of “Celebrate Life”, written by my friend, New Jersey-based DJ Entertainer and DJ Of The Year winner, Marcello Pedalino. His book describes “how to live it up, discover fulfillment, and experience the joy you deserve. Look for it in bookstores soon.

Wedding Wire's marketing expert Alan Berg gave an informative seminar at about social media at the Event Solutions conference.

Wedding Wire’s marketing expert Alan Berg gave an informative seminar at about social media at the Event Solutions conference.

3/2016: Venue Tours

I recently attended a day-long auto tour of the top wedding venues in Denver’s west metro area – basically west of Golden along the I-70 corridor. The tour was sponsored and arranged by the Association Of Bridal Consultants, a great group of wedding professionals I’ve been a part of for more than a decade. Here’s a couple of photos from our fun, informative day in the mountains:

Blog 1

Our group poses for an informal photo at Mount Vernon Country Club’s ceremony site which has a great view of Golden.









Participating venues:

Pines Of Genesee

Mount Vernon Country Club

Ameristar Hotel & Casino

Briarwood Inn

Golden Hotel

Table Mountain Inn

Special thanks to the Ameristar Hotel & Casino for hosting us for lunch.

Special thanks to the Ameristar Hotel & Casino for hosting us for lunch.

2/2016: Budgeting

It’s well known that February is the most popular month for planning weddings.  Many couples get engaged during the holidays, and start planning their weddings and hiring their “wedding team” during the first two months of the year. I’ll assume that a portion of the people who read this blog post are couples that will be getting married.  I’m hoping it can help you, and bring a sense of financial peace of mind to what may appear to be a crazy time.

What would seem to be a fairly straightforward way of going about coming up with a realistic budget, many couples get sidetracked due to other people’s expectations and media manipulation.  What should be an enjoyable process is sometimes very stressful. Some couples end up with their wedding budget depleted before they’ve even hired all their vendors. The problem ultimately lies NOT with the actual budget dollar amount itself, but in the allocation of where the money is spent.

wedding-budget-pie-chart[1]More specifically, the problem lies with the source of where this wedding budget information is coming from.  It’s no surprise that couples use wedding budget pie charts and suggested budget breakdowns.  They’re all over the internet and the percentage numbers are fairly consistent between them.  You’ve seen them (like the one shown here) in wedding books, websites, and other media. They list the percentages of various wedding services that couples “should” be spending their money on. As ridiculous as it sounds, these lists and pie charts are suggesting the percentage that couples should spend on each category like every wedding and every couple has similar preferences.  This kind of logic isn’t used in any other type of major lifetime expenditure. Can you imagine buying a car or a house and the sales person hands you a pie chart with pre-determined categories and preferences that they think you should have?  Of course not.

So how does a newly-engaged couple juggle this jungle of wedding hi-jinx, and come up with a reasonable budget that doesn’t bankrupt them while having the wedding day of their dreams?

The answer is MUCH simpler than you may think….

Spend money in direct proportion to the importance that you place on each service.

First, come up with a reasonable wedding budget amount that you can afford and is not going to put you or your parents (if they are paying for it) in debt.

Second, come up with a realistic allocation plan. Here’s how to do it…

On two sheets of paper, the bride and groom should write their “Wedding Top 3”. This can be a combination of various things such as…

  • What you want the most important part(s) of the wedding to be
  • What you want your guests to remember most about your wedding
  • What you dream about most for your wedding day

You should each come up with a Top 3 but it’s important to write these down separately so you’re not influenced by the other’s answers. Come together, and compare your Top 3’s and rank them in order (3 points for #1, 2 points for #2, 1 point for #3), and combine points for items that are on both Top 3’s. Add up the numbers, tabulate into an overall Top 5, and correlate each item to their respective vendors that represent that service. These are the Top 5 items, in rank order, that you should spend your money on. Hire the best vendors you can find for anything in the top half of the Top 5.  Whatever money is left over after you’ve reserved your Top 5 services, should be spent on anything else you may need, but shouldn’t exceed your overall budget.

Warning…this method goes against the typical wedding budget philosophy, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It requires most couples to develop a different way of thinking about their wedding, but it pretty much guarantees that a couple will have the wedding of their dreams while keeping their budget in check. Most couples can save thousands of dollars by sticking to this plan.

For more information on how to save money, one of Colorado’s top wedding venues, Black Canyon Inn, recently published a blog on wedding budgeting and unique ways to save money:

Black Canyon Inn Blog

Tune in next month where I’ll be highlighting some of the top wedding venues in the Golden area…..

1/2016: Year In Review

thM74UV7NRNormally, this year-end recap is about recent trends and “What’s Hot” and “What’s Not” as well as the top requests of the year.  Since I covered the non-music items a couple of months ago, this month is all about the music….my top requests at my 2015 weddings. By far, the top new songs were Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” also the most popular first dance at my weddings this year, and the Bruno Mars / Mark Ronson collaboration “Uptown Funk”.  The usual group dances and classic floor-packers were popular, as well. Love them, or hate them, here a rundown of the most popular:


  1. Cupid Shuffle – Cupid

2.  Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson / Bruno Mars

3.  Watch Me (Hip Nae Nae) – Silento

4.  The Wobble – VIC

5.  Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon

6.  Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

7.  Shout – Various Artists

8.  Cha Cha Slide – Mr. C

9.  Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

10.  Shake it Off – Taylor Swift


  1.  Michael Jackson

2.  Bruno Mars

3.  Journey

4.  Beatles

5.  Taylor Swift

6.  Maroon 5

7.  Ed Sheeran

8.  Tim McGraw

9.  Bob Seger

10.  Pitbull

If you want more charts, here’s a listing of the top 200 most requested songs at weddings across the nation put together by the DJ software company DJ Intellegence.  In addition, there are charts for each decade, as well as wedding specific music charts.


12/2015: Vive La Paris

Paris-in-the-Fall-8[1]Happy Holidays!  As another year comes to a close, I’d like to thank my clients who entrusted me with informing, guiding, and directing their wedding guests, as well as providing entertainment that kept their dance floors hopping. It’s also been an honor to work with some of Colorado’s top wedding venues, caterers, florists, officiants, and photographers (many of whom were featured in my September blog on photography). There was a wedding photographer that was not featured, Dave Russell with Buffalo Heart Images. His recent trip to Paris last month, one of my favorite European cities, reminded me of how great this city is, especially in the wake of the last month’s senseless terrorist attacks. I’m looking forward to my own trip back (my first since 1999) this coming spring to run the Paris Marathon. Check out his blog link below:


Tune in next month when I tally and count down 2015’s top music requests.


11/2015: WMBA 4.0

Wedding Wire's social media expert Sonny Ganguly addresses the masses on Day 1.

Wedding Wire’s social media expert Sonny Ganguly addresses the masses on Day 1.

It’s been 3 years since I last attended the WMBA conference in Las Vegas (WMBA stands for “Wedding Merchants Business Association”) and my 4th time overall.  This is the top wedding professionals conference in the US, attended by well over 1,000 photographers, planners, caterers, venue owners, DJs, and others that service the wedding industry to learn the latest and greatest in all things wedding.  This year had the largest turnout in the event’s decade-plus history (over 1,600), and the best of the four that I’ve attended. The three-day conference is held at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. There was certainly no need for me to do my regular daily workout or run as I probably logged 3 or 4 miles just walking around the cavernous confines each day.

One of the highlights of the conference was a group photo with all the other Knot "Best Of Weddings" winners for 2015.

One of the highlights of the conference was a group photo with other 2015 Knot “Best Of Weddings” winners.

Dozens of wedding experts covered every topic from legalities  to social media to customer service to what’s hot / what’s not.  The topics were great and it was great to connect with wedding industry friends from around the country that I haven’t seen in an awhile.  As an added bonus, Wedding Wire and The Knot hosted some great evening parties at two of the hottest clubs in town – one in the Bellagio with an incredible view of the world-famous water show. So here’s some information that both brides and grooms who are reading this as well as wedding pros may find interesting. My Top 15:

  1. Average wedding guest count is 136 (down 10% in 3 years).
  2. Average engagement: 16 months
  3. June is still the #1 wedding month.
  4. December is still the #1 engagement month.
  5. 91% of wedding pros serve LGBT couples.
  6. 62% of couples want their wedding published in a major wedding magazine.
  7. 96% of couples use mobile devices for online wedding searches.
  8. Cake is still tops, cupcakes are peaking, designer upscale donuts may be the next “big thing”.
  9. Wine and beer blendings are becoming a popular alternative to the sand blending at ceremonies.
  10. The Knot & Wedding Wire are still the top 2 wedding search engines.
  11. Periscope (a live video streaming app) could be the next big social media craze.
  12. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are still the top 3 social media sites used by couples.
  13. 50% of all couples are using an Instagram hashtag for guests to post their wedding photos from their mobile device (#weddingname).
  14. Signature cocktails still very popular…now at up to 30% of weddings.
  15. Gender-blended wedding parties are the rage (Best Woman, Man Of Honor, Bridesman, Groomswoman).


10/2015: Fab Photogs ’15

After last month’s wordy blog on honeymoon travel that topped 1,000 words (yikes – did I really write all that ?!?), I’ve decided to give my fingers a rest this month and feature some of my favorite photographers doing what they do best at the weddings we worked together this year. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so I should be set for a few months.

Photos listed chronologically from most recent:

Amanda & Stewart alpandisle.com

Amanda & Stewart

Chelsea & Larry September 6 www.kimballnelson.com

Chelsea & Larry
September 6

Jennifer & Andrew September 7 www.tomkphoto.com

Jennifer & Andrew
September 7

Courtney & Anthony August 22 www.joeandrobin.com

Courtney & Anthony
August 22

Holly & Jordan August 15 www.kjanrob.com

Holly & Jordan
August 15

Rachel & Brad August 8 www.kbdigitaldesigns.com

Rachel & Brad
August 8

Krista & Mike August 7 www.daylenewilson.com

Krista & Mike
August 7

Lindsay & Jeff August 1 www.bluehausstudios.com

Lindsay & Jeff
August 1

Marianne & Kyle July 25 www.adore-photography.com

Marianne & Kyle
July 25

Joni & Kris June 26 www.kellykasper.com

Joni & Kris
June 26

9/2015: PTA, Part 1

th[5]I’ve noticed a trend over the last few years that couples are foregoing the traditional gift registries in lieu of honeymoon funding. Honeymoon funding websites like Honeyfund are booming. Just last week, I had an initial consultation with a Denver couple who were planning their 2016 wedding.  Within 15 minutes of chatting, the conversation somehow turned to their honeymoon plans and how they were looking just as forward to their three-week honeymoon in Europe as they were to their wedding day, and how their guests have paid for almost half of their honeymoon. Somehow through Instagram, they found out I was also an avid traveler and we spent the next 30 minutes bouncing travel tips and stories off each other. When we realized what time it was, and they had to get to another meeting, they told me they wanted to hire me even though I hadn’t given them my price yet. I quickly finished my presentation, showed them my all-inclusive pricing, and they happily reserved the day.  I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite weddings of 2016.

thFED1PAQWSo in honor of soon to be newlyweds Steve & Trish, I am going to do a two-part blog post with travel tips I’ve learned over the years to maybe help couples plan their honeymoon or other future trips. The theme is “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” (hence the ‘PTA’ title above…no, this blog is not about Parent Teacher Associations). It’s named after my favorite Steve Martin movie. This month will deal with air travel and Part 2 (sometime next year) will cover trains, automobiles, and everything else. Next month’s blog will feature three of my favorite photographers covering my Labor Day Weekend weddings, and November will feature a report on my trip to the Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas, so stay tuned.


th[8]Planes!  After booking over 100 flights for myself over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the airline industry (with a few exceptions) doesn’t really care about it’s customers. There are some carriers like Southwest and Jet Blue that are doing the right thing, but most don’t really care. Southwest is the only airline that I have joined a frequent flier program with. I’ve heard Jet Blue and Frontier also have good programs, as well. The bottom line is there’s no such thing as the perfect airline but Southwest comes pretty darn close. Speaking of Southwest, why is it that this low-fare carrier is one of the few, if any, that offers it’s customers free non-alcoholic beverages, a light snack, no luggage charges, and service with a smile, yet it comes in almost every time as the lowest price on competitive routes?  I wish other airlines would take note of its business model.

tearupcreditcards[1]If you have a credit card that gives you miles, make sure you are paying it off IN FULL each month. The annual fee and higher interest rates on these cards in many cases negate any airline miles savings or free tickets you think you may be getting. If you carry a balance on these types of cards, the reality is that “free” flight you get every year or two is not free. Just add up the $59 – $99 annual fee and high interest charges incurred between “free” flights. Honestly, if you have good credit, there is no reason to pay more than 10% on any credit card, ever….so pay those airline cards off each time you get the bill, or rip the card up.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is not a perfect time to book a flight. The general consensus is 3 to 4 months for international flights and during domestic holiday prime time and between one and two months for domestic flights during non-holiday times. I’ve booked killer deals two weeks out and 6 months out, and it really is about luck and the destination you choose. I have noticed fares are usually lower if you fly midweek, and believe it or not, if you BOOK the ticket midweek. The price also depends on the popularity of the route and competition between carriers.  A flight from Denver to any of the New York metro airports is mile for mile less than one from Denver to Fargo.  Pick big airports. Try to pick routes where there is competition between airlines. If your destination is Evansville, you will probably save money flying into St. Louis or Indy than you will flying directly into Evansville, especially if you need to rent a car anyway.

000For flights to Europe, I highly recommend Icelandair. They fly non-stop from Denver to Iceland with convenient, minimal layover connections to over a dozen of the continent’s major cities like London, Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam.  Prices are very competitive and are usually lower than most US-based carriers. Furthermore, you can schedule a multi-day layover in Iceland on the way over (or back) without a penalty. You can even book local tours and hotels through their website that pick you up or drop you off from the Reykjavik airport. By the way, I swear I’m not getting any kickbacks or residuals from either Southwest or Icelandair, in case you were wondering😉

thRO5IYJMMTo find the best flight, I use flight search engines like Kayak, Cheap Tickets, and Expedia.  They’re all essentially the same and flights are almost always the same price across the board between the three. I personally like the graphics and easy to navigate Kayak the best. I search for all my flight parameters on these sites by plugging in my cities, dates, preferred times, and non-stop / connecting choices, and they give you the best flights based on time and price points. Once I find a flight, I DON’T book it on the search engine. Instead I go to that airline’s website and book it directly through them to avoid any contractual miscommunications and to assure I’m contacted directly by the airline in case there are any changes. I use Kayak simply to find the best flight over many airlines thereby saving time, instead of going to every airline’s website. Keep in mind that some “low-fare” airlines like Southwest, Spirit, and Frontier don’t always post their flights on these sites so you may need to check them separately. The price all on these search engines is usually the same as the airline’s sites, and on some occasions has even been cheaper on the airline’s.

Until next month…safe travels!

8/2015: Numbers

July 18th was my 1,000th Colorado wedding.  More importantly, it was Lynn & Jim's wedding day. As an added bonus, it was at one of my favorite venues, The Estes Park Resort.

July 18th was my 1,000th Colorado wedding. More importantly, it was Lynn & Jim’s wedding day. As an added bonus, it was at one of my favorite venues, The Estes Park Resort.

Those who know me, know I’m a numbers guy. I’ve been a statistics fan since I was a kid. I still keep stats on everything from my daily exercise regimen, to local weather and climatology, all the way to baseball – yes, I have 20 notebooks of Rockies box scores and stats dating back to Game 1 in April 1993. That’s pretty good for a guy who failed most of his math tests in high school. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I wasn’t a wedding DJ, I’d probably be a statistician for MLB. So when two major number milestones in my DJ business happened last month (my 1,000th Colorado wedding since 1993 and 100th five-star online review since 2012 (Wedding Wire and The Knot combined), I thought it was time for a blog entry about wedding stats. So here we go…


Click to enlarge

Wedding season in Colorado is April to October, but the months of November to March are when couples are planning their summer weddings and hiring their vendors.  This is why I don’t dare take a long vacation in January or February, my slowest wedding months but busiest initial consultation months. This variability may vary in different parts of the country. For instance, Florida, Texas, and Arizona have a much more equalized monthly wedding distribution due to the torrid temperatures during the summer in those locations. This tends to skew the national numbers in many national surveys and charts (see both infographics here and below). For instance, from a cost perspective, most total wedding budgets in Colorado are in the $15-20K range versus the $26K national average.  This is because the national number is skewed slightly by weddings on the higher-cost East and West Coasts. The national average $26,984 would be considered a bargain in the New York metro area, especially on my native Long Island. Most Long Island couples spend $25K just at the venue when including the fully hosted bar, $130+ a plate dinner, mandatory 20% service fee gratuity, etc.


Click to enlarge

Getting back to Colorado numbers, my monthly distribution percentages for the past 1,000 weddings going back to 1993 ranges from 2% in February to 16% in June. That paltry February number has always amazed me since Valentine’s Day is that month (see more on that, check out my blog from February 2012). Likewise, just 9% have occurred in the first three months of the year, but these are the busiest planning months when my e-mail inbox is buzzing and brides want to hire their wedding team. On the other end of the scale, 68% of my weddings have been May through September. I’ve also noticed in the past few years that October is increasingly becoming a popular wedding month here in Colorado. You do take a risk in October – heavy snow is possible like the 2 feet in 2 days we got back in 2009 but you get incredible fall foliage. Peak foliage is mid-October along the I-25 urban corridor, early October in Estes Park, and late September in the high country ski towns. Saturdays are still and probably always will be the busiest wedding day of the week. 61% of my weddings have been on a Saturday. Fridays have accounted for 23% of my weddings, Sundays 12%, and the remaining 4% are midweek.  That last number, by the way, has been going up every year due to the fact that many venues offer substantial discounts for Monday through Thursday weddings.

7/2015: Indian Weddings

India is a diverse country of more than 1 billion people, and is the world’s most densely populated country and second most populous. It’s also about as far away geographically from the United States but in many ways it’s much like the US. This former British colony is made up of more than 30 states and territories. It’s climate ranges from the humid tropics of the south to the hot and dry western deserts all the way to the snowcapped high Himalayas. It’s also a melting pot of culture and religion. Though Hindu dominates, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Sihkism is also prevalent.

blog indian 3

Devi and Matthew share a dance.

Last year I had the opportunity to work not one, but two Indian-style weddings here in Colorado.  This is pretty amazing because the Indian population in Colorado is relatively small. The chance that I would have two within four months is quite unusual. What’s even more amazing is that they were both at the same venue – the Fort Collins Country Club. What’s the chance of that happening? The June wedding featured Devi & Matthew. Much of Devi’s family came over from India for the occasion and it was quite the family reunion. The one thing I’ll always remember about this couple is that she never stopped smiling from the time I met her months before the wedding right up until the last dance. The September wedding featured Sumanth & Cynthia.  This time, the groom was from India. Cynthia & Sumanth had a big traditional wedding in India a couple of months before the Colorado festivities, yet some of Sumanth’s family still made the multi-day flight to the US. They had a really fun crowd with lots of dancing.  They even had Bollywood style dancers entertain their guests after dinner.  Truly one of my favorite weddings of the year. While both weddings incorporated Indian traditions in both the ceremony and reception, they were predominately Western in style.

A post-reception photo with Sumanth and Cynthia.

A post-reception photo with Sumanth and Cynthia.

Weddings in India, are of course, a bit different.  In general they tend to be multi-day events.  Depending on the family’s budget and social class, they can also be quite opulent and grandiose. It’s not unusual to have 200 to 500 guests attend with lots of food, music, and celebration. As with most Asian weddings, Indians celebrate with color as the wedding garments that both the bride and groom wear are colorful and most change attire between the ceremony and reception. Though there is plenty of dancing at the reception, there is also much time spent visiting with friends and family. Since the celebration usually lasts for at least a couple of days, there is plenty of time to mingle as opposed to most American weddings where the couple sometimes seemed overwhelmed and rushed with the limited time factor. Since there are so many regions, religions, and cultures in India there are no set traditions but many include a Henna Party, the Baraat (the men’s party), the Pheras or Saptpadi fire ceremonies, and the very popular Vidai or Rukhsati ceremony where the bride finally says goodbye to her family to be with her new husband.



6/2015: Bridal Veil Falls

002 RMNP100Back in January 1915, Congress and President Woodrow Wilson designated an especially scenic area of Northern Colorado a national park. Later that same summer, Rocky Mountain National Park was officially dedicated with hundreds attending the ceremony. Over the years, the park has been visited by millions of people from all over the world. The lakes, vistas, and mountains of this 415 square mile park have been featured in books, movies, calendars, and TV shows for decades. Now in 2015, the park is celebrating its centennial anniversary. Less than two years after the devastating floods that ravaged the area, the park is now back to normal and is expecting record visitation this summer. The heavily damaged Fall River Road is expected to open on July 4th weekend for the first time since the floods 21 months ago.

th[9]I’m hoping to add to those record visitation numbers by visiting the park every week or two to hike, run, and bike it’s roads and trails (in between weddings, of course). The goal is to also raise money for dog-based charities nationwide by getting up to 100 sponsors over 100 days to make donations to their favorite animal charities while I log hundreds of miles within the park. The finale is September 4th, the 100th anniversary date of the park’s dedication. This adventure, called the BARK 100 kicked off last month on May 28th with a bike ride up Trail Ridge Road followed by a hike to the aptly named Bridal Veil Falls (pictured) a few days later. This hike was also the kickoff of my summer wedding season.  I’m happy to say, that just two weeks in, the sponsor list has grown to over 20, and a half dozen animal charities are benefitting from the generosity of my sponsors. If you’d like to join the growing list of sponsors and support your favorite animal advocacy organization, just click the link above.

Planning a visit to the park this summer?  Here are a few link to help you plan your own adventure:

RMNP – General Website

RMNP – Calendar Of Events

RMNP – Things To Do

RMNP – Weather & Forecast

Visit Estes Park

Estes Park Wedding Association