Winter ’12: V Day at 12K

I’ve always been amazed at how few weddings I’ve been hired for on Valentine’s Day.  Since starting Ron Michaels Weddings in 1993, I’ve only had 3 weddings on V-Day.  I recently looked back on my 19 years of weddings in Colorado and found that February is the least popular month to get married with only 21 weddings total (June has been my most popular month with 139).  Think about that for a minute.  For those couples that bravely chose one of the coldest, snowiest months of the year to tie the knot, just 3 out of 21 of them chose what is supposedly the most romantic day of the entire year – Valentine’s Day!  I guess this will remain one of the great matrimonial mysteries of our time, or at least in my mind it will.

Couples gather at the top of Chair 2 as officiant Harry Heilman starts the wedding ceremony

Undeterred by this apparant lack of love for Valentines nuptuals, I made the two hour drive up to Loveland Ski Area on February 14th.  Every year on Valentine’s Day at high noon, dozens of couples take the #2 Chair Lift up to the top of the mountain to get married and renew their vows in the rarified Rocky Mountain air at 12,050 feet above sea level atop the Continental Divide.

Couples gather at the base lodge for a “Best Dressed Contest”.

Jill and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last month, so we decided to join in on the fun and renew our vows as well.  After a thankfully short (it was 12 degrees and snowing sideways) non-denominational ceremony officiated by Harry Heilman, everyone skied down to the lodge to warm up and partake in a fun reception hosted by the resort complete with wedding cake, sparkling cider, and yes, even a DJ…(no, it wasn’t me…remember, I don’t get weddings on Valentine’s Day).  What a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon – skiing fresh powder and eating wedding cake.


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