2012: Photo Booth Fun

Certainly the latest craze in wedding reception entertainment is the photo booth.  This is a recent phenomenon that has been getting more and more popular during the last few years.  This year, I would estimate that close to half the wedding receptions I am hired for, the bride and groom have added a photo booth to the reception entertainment.

There is a wide range in photo booth options.  Some photo booths are simply a cloth backdrop and a photographer.  Some are self-serve kiosks where guests can sit and take their photo with a minimal of props.  The best ones, however, include a photo booth operator to help guests and lots of fun costumes, props, and hats that everyone can try on and really get into party mode. Guests get to take home their photos as a momento of the reception.  One of the more unique options I’ve seen this past summer was when the guests got two copies of the photos – one they could keep and the other went into a scrapbook the bride and groom kept with all the wacky, fun photos their guests took – a more unique and fun version of the ‘old-school’ wedding guestbook.

Two photo booth operators that I have worked with many times are Neil Carlberg and Justin Garcia.  Neil (photo above) specializes in his huge variety of costumes – probably the largest in the state.  Aside from being a good friend of mine for many years, he is a veteran wedding professional. Justin’s company, Redfox Photo Booth features an incredibly beautiful wood booth (photo at left) that he made himself and would blend into any natural surrounding.  It almost looks as if he built it especially for use in many of the popular Estes Park wedding venues (like Della Terra in the photo).

I’m often asked if photo booths take away from the amount of dancing that happens at a wedding reception.  My answer is yes and no.  The key is where the photo booth is set up.  If it’s set up far away from the dance floor, outside, or in another room, the answer is yes.  In this case, you may wind up having two seperate parties going on: the dancing party and the photo booth party.  You can actually make the two compliment each other by having them fairly close together, or at least in the same room.  The energy that is created on the dance floor will enhance the photo booth experience, and vice versa. I suggested to Shane & Kelli (photo above) to set up their photo booth near the dance floor and the results were terrific. Some guests even brought the props and costumes out onto the dance floor for even more fun!

During our planning meetings, we will discuss floor plan options at your venue, and I can recommend optimal locations for photo booth placement if you decide to have one.   As I’ve always said, it’s all about location, location, location.

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