2014: Questions To Ask

Listed below are five important questions to ask your DJ before you hire them. My answer to all of them is YES, and if you find another DJ who also does, and has provided you with the contract and guarantees to back it up, I will match their price.

1. Will you provide a written contract to review BEFORE I hire you?…. Many DJ contracts protect only the company and do little to protect the client. Read the fine print. A fair contract should equally protect the client and the company. At your initial consultation, make sure you receive a written contract that you can take home so you can review pricing, packages, and services before hiring the company or sending any money. Also, make sure the DJ’s name is on the contract and they are guaranteed to be the one that shows up on wedding day.

2.  Will you attend my ceremony REHEARSAL?…. If your DJ will be providing ceremony services, you may want to consider having them attend the ceremony rehearsal the day before to review details. These include rehearsing processionals and recessionals, music cues, and reviewing details with the officiant. In addition, two sound systems should be used on wedding day – one for the ceremony, and one for the reception to avoid a lengthy transfer and set up of equipment at the reception site.

3.  Do you do this FULL-TIME?…  Only 15% of all wedding DJs do this as a full-time career. This may not be a deal-killer for most couples, but remember – DJs who have a full-time commitment to their wedding couples tend to invest more time in the planning process, and also generally return calls, texts, and e-mails more promptly. Full-time DJs also tend to have liability insurance which is increasingly being required by wedding venues from anyone working at their facility.

4. Do you have a written money-back GUARANTEE?…Some sort of written guarantee should be in place in case you are not satisfied with services rendered on wedding day, and it should be on the contract. There is another piece of paperwork you should request to see…their LIABILITY INSURANCE. Most venues are now requiring liability insurance for any vendor that brings equipment, food, or lighting into their facility.

5.  Will you send everyone a TIMELINE before the wedding?….  The number one mistake couples make when hiring a DJ for their wedding is…they just hire a DJ. If you want your wedding reception to flow smoothly, then it is imperative to find a DJ that does more than just play music. Make sure they are able to “run the reception” and are willing to e-mail a schedule to your Wedding Party, Parents, and your Wedding Team so everyone knows what to expect on wedding day. Whoever you hire as your DJ will also be your spokesperson and Master Of Ceremonies (MC) for the most important day of your lives, so choose wisely.

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