Fall ’13: 10 Questions

I’ve been asked many times what are some questions couples need to ask before they hire a DJ.  Here’s ten that every couple should, at the very least, be thinking about when they are ready to make their decision.

1. Do you have a written money-back guarantee?…. Most DJ contracts protect only the DJ and do little to protect the client.  Read the fine print before sending any money.

dj wedding singer2. What is your MC microphone style?….  Make sure your DJ / MC matches the style you want at your wedding.  Some DJs are very talkative, some say little at all, while others are somewhere in between.  There is a fine line between cheesy and classy.

3.  Can I see a copy of your liability insurance and business license?….  The mobile DJ industry is completely unregulated.  Though it is not a requirement to have either of these documents, finding someone who does shows that the company is at least registered with the state and takes their business seriously.

dj signs4.  Will you use a sign or banner to advertise your company name at my wedding reception?….  I’m not even going to comment on this other than to say I’m amazed that some DJs still do it.  Check out these guys on the left…not one but TWO signs!  At least they’re well-dressed.

5.  What happens if the power goes out?…  After a power failure almost ruined a reception I did a few years ago, I bring a generator to every wedding now. If it can happen at the Super Bowl, it can happen at your wedding.

6.  Is this your full-time job?…  Only 10% of all wedding DJs do this as a full-time career.  This certainly should not be a deal-killer for most couples, but remember, DJs who have a full-time commitment to their wedding clients tend to invest more time in the planning process, and generally return calls and e-mails more promptly.

dj drunk7.  Will you be drinking alcohol or need to take smoking breaks?….  Sounds like a silly question but I wish I had a dollar for every time a wedding guest offered to buy me a drink.  Name one profession (besides possibly a bartender) that drinking is deemed appropriate.  What surprises me is the fact that some guests get a little offended if I politely refuse the drink.  One guest once told me, “Dude, you’re the DJ…you’re supposed to be drinkin’!”  Perception is reality? Maybe I shouldn’t have commented on this one either.

dj tbwre8.  Can you give me any fun, unique ideas that will seperate my reception from the others I’ve attended?… Your DJ should be able to offer you suggestions for fun activities that can be incorporated into your reception from the wedding party introductions through the grand finale. Based on their experience, they should have many unique ideas that will make your wedding an event your guests will never forget.

9.  Can I get in writing who my DJ will be?…  If it is important to you that the DJ you met at your initial consultation is the same one that shows up on wedding day, consider asking for that DJ’s name to be on the contract.  Some companies have a history of substituting DJs at the last minute.  Furthermore, consider asking if your wedding will be the only one they will do that day.  To make up for low prices, some DJs will double-book dates.

dj wires 310.  Is your equipment housed in a professional manner?… Almost all DJs will bring professional sound equipment and thousand of music selections.  Not all, however, have their gear housed in a professional console with all unsightly cords and wires hidden from your guest’s view. This DJ was apparently trying to break the world record for the most miles of electrical cord in a single setup.  Kidding aside, ask to see a photo of their finished product.


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