2020: Small Details

Many of my previous blogs have centered around things you should DO for your wedding, but here I’ll be chatting about 10 trends you may want to re-consider. I’ve noticed lately with the ongoing popularity of Pinterest boards and wedding-based social media, that couples seem to be focusing their wedding planning efforts on things that may not add any value or memories, and can even create additional stress.

The idea for this article actually came from one of my 2018 couples – Rachel & Brian – who’s photo here is courtesy of Cassie Madden Photography. Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine did a photo spread on them, and one of the quotes from Rachel that was featured in this photo was…“As tough as it can be, try not to get caught up in the SMALL DETAILS of planning”.  I couldn’t agree more. After chatting with other wedding professionals over the past year to get their input on this subject, I’ve created a Top 10 list below the photo:

Photo courtesy of Cassie Madden, and Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine.











WEDDING FAVORS…I wish I had a dollar for every wedding favor I’ve seen left over at the end of weddings. Unless you are creating a super-personalized super-awesome keepsake momento of the wedding, favors tend to be a waste of money and time. Not to mention the fact that you are already giving your guests a favor….an awesome party with free food, drinks, and dancing!!

BRIDESMAIDS SHOES…I guess this is a thing….brides telling their bridesmaids specifically what shoes they have to wear?  Wow. I’ve been told  by some wedding planners to suggest that you shouldn’t do this. Just be glad your ladies are spending lots of money to come to your wedding.     .

HOTEL BLOCKS.…In this day of AirBnBs, VRBOs and discount online hotel booking sites, there is no need to offer hotel blocks unless you are receiving some killer deal from your venue hotel.

WEDDING GUEST BOOK…Unless you are doing a selfie Polaroid photo guest book or a super cool sign-in picture frame of the two of you, the Guest Book hasn’t been a thing since the ’90s and The Macarena. Trust me, I had one at my wedding 20 years ago and it’s been collecting dust in a drawer.

INVITATIONS…Yes, you need invitations but you don’t need to spend too much time, money, or effort on them. If you doubt this, consider how many wedding invitations you remember from the weddings you’ve been invited to. More than 60% of couples in 2019 have an online invitation RSVP on their wedding website. Save trees, save stamps, save time. It’s a win-win.

FLOWER VASES & NAPKINS….I guess this is also a thing, and I’ve been told that it shouldn’t be. I do know that no one…and I mean NO ONE….will remember the napkins at your wedding. You need both of these items, but they shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time in making a decision on them.

RANDOM FRIENDS YOUR PARENTS WANT TO INVITE…When I meet with my couples for our Planning Meeting two months before the wedding, this sometimes seems to be a topic of stress between them.  My recommendation is always the same…if the couple is paying for the wedding, they should have full control as to who is invited…and not invited.  If the parents are paying, then its perfectly acceptable to have a few guests that you may have never met…and may never see again.

CHAIR COVERS…Unless the chairs at your venue look like they’ve been stored out in the parking lot, you may want to reconsider this $1,000 expense.

FANCY SEATING CHARTS…These have become very popular over the last few years, and they do serve an important purpose by letting guests know what table they are seated at. Though most are well done and very unique, some actually do more to confuse guests than they do to help them. I highly recommend to use simply fonts that are easily read.  My #1 suggestion is to have the seating chart in alphabetical order, not table number order – this makes it much easier for guests to find their table, especially if you have over 100 guests.

THE “UNPLUGGED” CEREMONY...This has been a big trend lately and it’s understandable…many couples don’t want their guests tweeting, texting, Instagramming and Facebooking ceremony photos in the middle of their vows. I get it. But don’t stress about it. Simply have your officiant mention this in their opening remarks when they do their welcome before the processional, or just have a cute sign posted at the entrance of the ceremony. Here are some of my favorites:

“Please honor our wishes…no photos until we’re pronounced Mr & Mrs”.

“Though our I DOs are unplugged, our reception is not. Once we finish our first dance, you’re free to take a shot.”

“We thank you for coming to share our day, but for the ceremony please put your cameras and cell phones away.”

Happy Wedding Planning, and Happy New Year…Ron 🙂





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